Bio: Contrary to popular opinion, curmudgeons are not always grumpy old men. I will admit, however, to being inspired by some mirth loving males including Jeff Dunham's perpetually bad tempered puppet, Walter, or T.V.'s Dr. Gregory House. Some of the most accomplished curmudgeons are female. Our favorite four letter word is not "love". We are always over the age of consent, which improves our odds of being sued for slander or libel, which we relish. Although we generally have the upper hand, we also see the advantages of competing on equal terms. Just to be clear, we do our level best to even the playing field always in our favor. wikiHow adequately describes male 'Curmudgeons' as being "supremely independent thinkers, very wise, and have excellent senses of humor". Female Curmudgeons are always quite pretty, extremely intelligent, witty, and wise, but frankly we don't give a "flip" if people think we have a sense of humor or not. We do not think anything or anyone is funny, much less ourselves.

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